Monty Python's ' The Meaning of Life'

Don't forget to check out the originals.

I got banned from Youtube back in 2006.  I never understood how my original content was any different than what was being marketed and shown on mass media.  I am of an age where Viacom owned channels were blasting Girls Gone Wild ads.  Victoria Secret was having fashion shows on primetime network television and Time Warner owned Sports Illustrated were being lauded for their Swimsuit issue.  The hypocrisy always got to me. This section is just to highlight the hypocrisy.  When I got banned, I did move to some racier footage in an attempt to compete in the pay-per-view market only to find myself banned from platforms because of the payment processors and credit card companies.  Lol.  This was the pre-OnlyFans market. Anyway, I'll splatter some of my originals throughout these pages.  I'll leave some contact info up at some point and perhaps I'll share some more of my creations.  Enjoy the ride. 

sheer green sweater nyc candid

Some stills from the original shoot.  

Saturated E. Original.  Maybe they come off in the newsletter.